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When Barbara Met Mickey

Mickey Kaus and Barbara Boxer, the two Democrats running for Senate in California, meet:

Saturday, I went to a Boxer’s press conference. A friend had said I should try it: “You might get thrown out of that!” But I assured the senator’s press secretary I wouldn’t say anything. I’m not Kanye West. Boxer came over to say hello, we shook hands, exchanged pleasantries. The reporters thought I should have made at least some sort of scene, if I knew what was good for me — and I would have if I’d seen a way to do it without being a jerk. But it’s also nice to have some civility.

Aw, how nice. I had read this far, and thought, “He should have said, ‘nice to meet you, ma’am,’” but then it continued . . .

In fact, one good thing about campaigning is it makes you be polite to everyone on an equal basis. Everyone’s a potential vote — old, young, friendly, crabby. After two days in full Polite and Respectful Mode I realized something: I’d addressed every single woman as “M’am.” They weren’t offended! Which made me think that the famous Boxer video snip is more devastating to her than I’d thought.


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