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When Sarah Went to Ronnie’s House

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From Monday’s edition of the Morning Jolt . . .

Reagan@100, in the Place He Called Home

Finally, something cheerier. Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday seems perfectly timed to contrast Americans’ fond memories of the former president — and if our memories of Reagan are selective, it helps when you offer Americans such a terrific selection — and the contrast with our current condition and leadership seems so striking.

Writing at, Andrew Coffin gives an account of Sarah Palin’s visit to the Reagan ranch: “The Governor gave a powerful speech at our banquet last night, before an enthusiastic overflow audience. She eloquently and gracefully paid tribute to one of the most significant speeches in American history, Ronald Reagan’s “Time for Choosing” address — while at the same time outlining a vision for America that builds upon President Reagan’s. The speech was universally well received by our audience of all ages.”

Jim Hoft is left stricken by the photos: “Sarah Palin went horseback riding at the Reagan Ranch this weekend. It was a vision of conservative beauty.”

Tammy Bruce is also left doing backflips, declaring, “Hey World, this is what a steel fist in a velvet glove looks like: Liberals, Islamists and Globalists take note: She’ll always look this good, even when ruining your plans. So enjoy having a Dumb Bastard in the White House while you can, because the Mayans were right — your world is coming to an end in 2012. Have a Happy Sunday, I certainly am.”

Meanwhile, Stacy Drake of is left fuming over the New York Times’s coverage: “Mr. Zeleny either didn’t listen to the speech, or he has a problem identifying anything outside of a new government program as a ‘specific remedy.’ Governor Palin offered many remedies to ills that face our nation. She mentioned domestic energy production, for one. She mentioned cutting corporate tax rates. She also talked about cutting government ‘back down to size,’ and cutting overall spending. She discussed reforming entitlement programs, reducing over-burdensome regulations, and ending the cronyism that is corrupting our system. Perhaps Mr. Zeleny should listen to the speech again, or learn that not every solution comes by way of more bureaucracy.”

ADDENDA: Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers, and to Steelers fans, my sympathies. After the past two seasons, the lesson is clear: If you want to win the Super Bowl, don’t beat Rex Ryan’s New York Jets in the AFC championship game.


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