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Where Are Pelosi’s Flippers?

Hmm. Obviously, Jon Karl’s report is not definitive:

ABC’s Jon Karl, on the “no” votes that need to become “yes” votes: “We have called all 37 of those Democrats, and have yet to find a single one willing to say definitively they will vote yes, although at least a few are saying they’re willing to consider it,” Karl reported on “Good Morning America” Monday.

But we’ve now got a bunch of previous yeses looking like noes, including a guy I mentioned earlier this morning, Virginia’s Tom Perriello. From one of his constituents who reads the Campaign Spot:

Constituent of Tom Perriello’s in the VA-5th district here. He voted for the bill in November after supporting the Stupak amendment, but has promised several times that he will oppose any bill that allows for federal funding of abortion.

I just got off the phone with his office who told me that he was still undecided and waiting on the final language. I reminded them of the abortion promise, and the staffer told me unequivocally that if the abortion language does not change he will oppose the bill. He also said that if the middle-class taxes that are a part of the senate bill are not changed, that would lead him to oppose the bill.

That’s a switch from a yes vote to a no vote, and you should encourage your readers in the VA 5th district to call him and urge him to keep his promise. 

Pelosi needs to flip noes to yeses for most of the Stupak dozen or so, Republican Joseph Cao, and a few other Democrats who sound pretty definitive.