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Which Budget Category Covers Sarah Palin’s Clothes?

A new RNC member from Nebraska asks about 14 contracts, worth $1.4 million, that extend past the term of the current chairman, Mike Duncan. RNC member Ron Kaufman explains that they’re approved by the RNC’s executive committee, and are a small percentage of the RNC’s $78 million budget.
“Lexis-Nexis is the single biggest monthly contract we have.” Elevator repair is another one of those contracts, Kaufman explains.
A question is asked about what amount is put aside for clothing candidates–the question is obviously about the money spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, and the tone suggests the questioner thought it was a colossal waste of money.There is sparse applause. Kaufman explains that the committee is permitted to spend up to $17 million on candidates, and that the money came out of that fund. “In the end it was a campaign decision, and after making sure that it was legal and ethical, we signed off on it.”

There is a question from a North Carolina member about how money gets allocated to each state.


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