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Which Candidates Are Sitting on Piles of Cash?

The guys at Swing State Project may be lefties who use the word “teabagger” more frequently than commas, but they still are campaign-news junkies who are good at picking part FEC reports.

So which House candidates have the most cash on hand? Rep. Frank Pallone, Democrat of New Jersey, has $3.9 million, but he wants to run for statewide office someday.

Rep. Ron Klein, endangered Democrat of Florida, has $2.65 million.

Republican Joe Wilson (“You lie!”) of South Carolina has $2.12 million.

A lot of endangered Democrats are sitting on campaign funds of more than $1 million.

Which incumbents have the least cash on hand?

Mark Souder, Republican of Indiana, has only $156,000. Allan Mollohan, Democrat of West Virginia, has only $191,000. Gene Taylor, Democrat of Mississippi, has $223,000; Jean Schmidt, Republican of Ohio, has $225,000. (The Democrat running against her, Surya Yalamanchili, has only $44,000 on hand right now.)

Other surprisingly low incumbents: Republican Bob Inglis of South Carolina, with $247,000; Democrat Chellie Pingree of Maine, with $258,000; Republican Don Young of Alaska, with $273,000; Democrat Larry Kissell of North Carolina, with $298,000.

Kissell was on my list of 99; Pingree was not. It is worth noting that none of these candidates represent particularly expensive districts for campaigns.

GOP challengers who are rolling in dough: Ohio’s Tom Ganley of Ohio (largely self-funded) with $2.1 million, up against Betty Sutton (with a little more than $300,000). Randy Altschuler, competing in New York’s 1st district, has $1.5 million on hand. Allen West has $1.1 million – unfortunately, he’s taking on Ron Klein and the $2.65 million.

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