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Which Republicans Will Compete to Win Jane Harman’s District?

The demographics of California’s 36th congressional district mean Republicans will have an uphill climb in the special election to replace the suddenly retiring Jane Harman, but the GOP has some interesting prospects:

Redondo Beach City Attorney Mike Webb said yesterday he is “strongly considering” running for the seat.

The 48-year-old former prosecutor cited his lifelong ties to the district and experience on anti-terrorism advisory panels and initiatives as qualifications for running for the open seat. As for viability to mount a run in the Democratic-held district, Webb noted that he has broken local fundraising records in his six years as city attorney.

“I’ve lived most of my life in the South Bay,” the Redondo Beach resident said. “I think that given the issues that we’re facing, (the district’s voters) clearly are well suited for a Republican given the fact that (the government is) just spending more money than we take in.”

Nathan Mintz, last year’s Republican nominee in the overlapping 53rd Assembly District, said yesterday he is “still collecting information and haven’t made any decisions.”

The 27-year-old aerospace engineer lost a November contest to now Democratic Assemblywoman Betsy Butler, of Marina del Rey. The then first-time candidate made a strong showing in the Democratic district, coming within seven points of Butler.


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