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Which Virginia Candidate Needs to Build Up His Website?

I realize it’s only March, but in just eight months, Virginia will be electing a new governor, a new lieutenant governor, and a new state attorney general, and 100 seats in the House of Delegates will be on the ballot.

In the gubernatorial race, you would think the candidates would want their websites up, rocking and rolling. Indeed, Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican nominee, has his up and running, with YouTube videos, a detailed biography, a news page, an events page, and archives going back to October.

Bill Bolling, the currently-Republican lieutenant governor who’s unknown to 72 percent of Virginians, also has a fairly sizable site, including his February 28 statement that he’s deciding whether or not to seek the office of governor as “an Independent Republican.”

But Terry McAuliffe, the energetic former DNC chair who’s the Democratic nominee, has . . . well, a donation page, a place to sign up for e-mails, a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed. No biography or issue pages yet. A bit sparse.

Maybe when they expand the web site, they’ll find room for my rave review of his autobiography.


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