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From the ‘While You Were Out’ File

I got away for Valentine’s Day/President’s Day to Germany, and will have a look at how Europe is responding to the new administration — short version: they love Obama, but don’t love him enough to make any actual policy concessions — but while I was out, the political world kept turning, perhaps off its axis:
The senator who replaced Obama may have committed perjury and the Washington Post is calling for his resignation. You know, the senator whom Obama called “a fine public servant.”

The AP notices that the accountability provisions promised during the stimulus debate don’t exist yet, and probably won’t for a long while. You can only respond to wasteful spending after the money has been spent.

Two Democratic members of the House — including the chair of the House Ethics Committee! — are returning donations from a lobbying firm whose offices were raided by the FBI.

Polling indicates New York’s newest senator could lose a primary, if challenged by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy.

It was revealed that New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, already facing a tough reelection bid this year, spent almost a third of last year out-of-state.

But other than that, everything’s coming up roses for our friends on the other side of the aisle . . .


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