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The White House Body-Slams Creigh Deeds’s NoVa Turnout Efforts

Others on NRO have already mentioned that the Obama White House is already spinning a Bob McDonnell win in Virginia’s governor’s race, contending to Washington Post reporters that it’s because Creigh Deeds didn’t embrace Obama enough.

What’s really interesting is that the unnamed White House officials seem to be oblivious to what their comments, on the front page of today’s Post, headline above the fold, will do for Deeds’s turnout in the northern Virginia suburbs, an area any Democrat needs to win handily. Every Democrat who reads the Post just got a clear message that the race is over and their guy is not just going to lose, but probably lose by a lot. Boy, that’ll get people to come out in the rain!

The ingredients for a McDonnell landslide seem to be assembling. It’s not over until it’s over, but Deeds now really has to worry about a bandwagon effect and rank-and-file Democrats writing him off as a lost cause.

By the way, the White House’s assessment seems wrong, from what I’ve seen of the race. While Deeds has made plenty of his own errors, Obama is probably . . . oh, 15 to 25 percent responsible for a Democratic defeat here, mostly because he’s not governing in the manner of the tax-cutting, budget-waste-cutting, Afghan-war-winning sensible moderate that he campaigned as last year.


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