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Who Knew What Her Cute Smile Would Turn Into?

One of Hillary’s moves in the six-week forced march of Pennsylvania (Peggy Noonan beat me to the Verdun metaphor) has been to play the “home state” card — she lived in Scranton for a period as a child, and her relatives lived here.

And to point out that this is a kind-hearted site, Hillary Clinton was pretty cute at age three and a half.

Although it does look like she’s wagging her finger, doesn’t it?
A local describes the local culture “more ‘All in the Family’ than ‘The Office’” — the NBC sitcom takes place in the town — and sounds like it has plenty of Archie Bunker voters: “its demographics closely match those of voters in other states who have supported her: white, female, over 50, Catholic, blue collar and on the lower end of the scales measuring education and affluence.”


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