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Who’s Smiling After the Pirate Rescue?

The only surviving Somali pirate has arrived in New York, and judging by the footage, he’s got the biggest smile we’ve seen this side of Susan Boyle after she finished singing.

Let me get this straight… our policy that aims to deter Somali pirates is to offer them a 75 percent chance of a bullet to the head, and 25 percent chance of being brought halfway around the world to the U.S. prison system, where they’ll be provided medical care, guaranteed three square meals and a roof over their head for some lengthy period of time.

This is supposedly an ominous turn of events for this guy, as opposed to his old life in the Mad-Max-ian Somalia, with nothing resembling a functioning economy, and his old career of playing chicken with tankers on choppy waters, hoping the teenager behind him isn’t shaky when aiming his AK-47 and that he doesn’t fall into the drink and become shark chow. Really.

You have to figure some of the estimated 1,000 or so pirates would say, “I’ll take those odds.” In fact, you have to figure some Somali young men not currently involved with piracy would say, “sounds tempting.”

Isn’t this essentially importing criminals to our prison system? What, is this some obscure, previously unrevealed detail in Obama’s immigration policy?