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Why the Belated Attention to ‘Operation Chaos’?

The name “Rush Limbaugh” is coming up a lot in Team Obama’s post-Tuesday spin.

“David Axelrod, Obama’s top strategist, told reporters that he attributed Clinton’s two point lead in Indiana to Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos,” where the conservative talk show host urged Republican listeners to vote for Clinton to prolong the Democratic nomination fight.”
Huffington Post: Limbaugh Effect Seems To Rear Its Head
The Los Angeles Times: Rush Limbaugh rules in Democratic race?
Now, Operation Chaos has been in effect for several primaries now, starting in Ohio and Texas. Can it be that Team Obama is only noticing it now? Or is that the media has only deemed it a newsworthy story now?
Or, in keeping with last night’s theory/prediction, Obama’s fans in the press need a way to de-legitimize her win in Indiana, and attributing it to Rush is the most convenient way to do it?
Rush noted this last night:

’’I’m extremely proud of the Operation Chaos volunteers. I never doubted they would triumph in Indiana and I think it is a hoot the Obama campaign is crediting Op Chaos for giving Hillary a 7-point bump. It sounds like they are jealous I out-organized them.’’
’’I think it was a couple days after the PA primary, I said on air that if the Obama campaign wanted to end Operation Chaos, all they had to do was acknowledge it and say that the Hillary vote was tainted by voters who have no intention of voting for her in November.’’
’’Tonight, they followed my advice.’’

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