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Why We Shouldn’t Expect Any Last-Minute Presidential Bids . . .

Quin Hillyer kindly commends my profile on Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and wishes for a last-minute presidential bid:

Jindal already has endorsed Rick Perry for president. Party leaders still looking to recruit another candidate might want to consider convincing him to renege on that endorsement. This nomination battle is still volatile enough for one more candidate to blow into the race with hurricane force tailwinds.

Keep in mind, the filing deadline for the South Carolina ballot is a week from today.

Besides that complication, my sense from conversations with Jindal and his staffers is that he really is committed to completing his goals in Louisiana — and while he never explicitly said he would turn down an invitation to be the 2012 GOP vice-presidential nominee, he seems much more interested in being a successful two-term governor than spending four to eight years attending the funerals of foreign leaders.