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Will We See Romney Spending Millions Upon Millions When the Votes Start?

A communications guy for one of Romney’s rivals (sorry, pushed him to identify at least his camp, and he couldn’t without getting flak) says that he doesn’t think that the heavy-advertising unstoppable bulldozer that I describe in this post will necessarily come to fruition.

“The Romney camp not going to be operating in a vaccuum,” the communications guy says. “It gets tougher to get an advertising message through as the campaign progresses. It’s not just a matter of doubling the number of [television or radio] spots, because sometimes there just aren’t as many slots available. You’ll have several Republican campaigns trying to buy during the same time period, and also at least a few Democratic campaigns.” This staffer says some television networks will institute quotas, such as each candidate only getting one ad during the evening news.


“As far as message penetration goes, he’s not going to have same penetration as now, when he essentially has microphone all to himself,” the communications guy continues. “In Iowa, his lead is still holding, but New Hampshire’s an even game, Michigan’s an even game, and he’s fourth in South Carolina and Florida. He’s double digits back in California and Illinois, and in the tri-state area around New York, states with a heavy delegate count. Trying to pull up from fourth to first a bit more challenging.”

This communications guy also noted this Hill article speculating that Romney could be preparing for his biggest self-financing campaign loan yet — some estimate between $20 and $40 million. (!)

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