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Without The Lies, Dean and Perlmutter Wouldn’t Be Able To Speak

Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter is a strikingly dishonest politician.
Permutter a moment ago: “Some people believe drill here, drill now, and that’s it. Barack Obama believes solar here, and solar now, and wind here, and wind now.”

McCain supports solar and wind, in addition to drill now. The question is this election is not do we want a president who supports solar and wind; the question is do we want a president who supports drilling the energy source that our economy runs on, that is bubbling up to the surface of the Pacific Ocean as we speak.
He’s also charging that McCain wants to give oil companies “special interest tax breaks.” Horsepuckey. A reduction in the corporate tax rate isn’t a “special interest” unless you consider every business in America that isn’t filed as an S Corporation a “special interest.”
He’s topped by our favorite furious hothead, Howard Dean, who just said, “John McCain is not a maverick. John McCain is a yes man.” Okay, this is just ridiculous. McCain built his career over the past ten years on fighting with his own party and the current president. He’s opposed Bush on the number of troops in Iraq, interrogation standards, climate change, commitment to fighting pork, drilling in ANWR. McCain has shifted to a different position on border security and immigration from President Bush, or at least that’s what he’s telling us now. He was a member of the Gang of 14, not the deal on judges that Bush would have preferred.


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