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Word Is Mike Castle’s Running for the Senate

Sources are telling a Delaware newspaper that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has gotten their man in that state:

Connecting dots on U.S. Rep. Mike Castle’s political futures page leads to only one conclusion: He’s running for the former Senate seat of Joe Biden next year. Expect a public announcement in the next month.

Castle is not yet talking, but there are a number of high-ranking Republican operatives who know Castle’s moods and inclinations, and they say hands down that he’s in for the seat now held by Ted Kaufman, Biden’s former chief of staff. Kaufman is stepping down in 2010.

If I owned a ranch, I’d bet it on a Castle candidacy.

The early polling in hypothetical matchups has Castle beating Beau Biden, but, of course, things may look different when both are on the trail . . .


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