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The Word From Team Hillary’s Emergency Call

Hillary Clinton’s campaign just held an “emergency press call to discuss campaign intimidation and irregularities in Texas.”
Ace Smith, Hillary’s Texas State Director: “A tremendously disturbing pattern emerging… what’s happening tonight is an outrage. Today the State Democratic Party has had to issue two memos to the Obama campaign.”
“They were distributing packets, signing people up early in the day.”
Smith alleges Obama supporters locking Hillary supporters out of caucus sites.
Counsel Lynn Utrecht: “We’ve had hundreds of complaints coming in, ever since the precinct conventions started. We’ve been hearing very disturbing reports. We’ve identified witnesses that sign-in sheets for the precinct conventions were being filled out at polling places earlier today.”
“We heard places were calling in results before 7 p.m. People have had a hard time getting through to the hotline because the phone lines are jammed.”
“We have reports that the Obama campaign took the packet (of information?) for the precinct captain and removed it from the premises.”
UPDATE: I departed before an Obama lawyer came on the call and “took over.” 


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