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Worth Recalling That on September 10, 2001, Time Said Colin Powell Was MIA

Over in the Corner, I see James Carville is acknowledging the political risk in sending federal prosecutors to go after CIA personnel over what they did to get answers out of captured al-Qaeda detainees.

And that’s in the current political environment. What happens if, God forbid, something blows up in the next couple months? How many Americans will want the Central Intelligence Agency trying to get information on any possible follow-up attacks out of captured al-Qaeda while keeping one eye on how their actions could appear, years from now, to a federal prosecutor? “I think the little guy might be willing to talk, but I’ve gotta check with my lawyer first before we say anything else to him.

By the way, just thinking out loud, if President Obama really finds the thought of focusing on the past and not the future so troublesome, he could end this issue tomorrow with a few presidential pardons.


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