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Wright: The Iraq Surge Sends ‘21,500 More Troops to their Death’

I realize finding a controversial Jeremiah Wright comment these days is kind of like finding a three-leaf clover, but I hadn’t seen this bit of his analysis of the U.S. military policy in Iraq:

The President who is “staying the course” and sending 21,500 more troops to their death has issued a veto threat against the measure and there is no public outcry and no media outrage. What’s goin’ on?

That’s on page 9 of the church bulletin from January 21, 2007. I realize Wright opposes the war and the surge, but declaring the surge policy “sending 21,500 troops to their death is a ridiculous slander of U.S. policy.
In 2007, 901 U.S. troops died in Iraq. In 2008, 86 soldiers have died.
More on the following page:

The President’s “New Plan” (more troops, more death and more war) promises an insane

escalation — in Iraq, Iran and beyond! With the torture of Abu Ghraib, the complete destructions of cities like Fallujah and over 600,000 deaths due to collateral damage, the President complained in his speech that there had been “too many restrictions” on the actions of the United States Forces in the Iraq war.

Michael Yon, describing the city of Fallujah back in November:

Nobody was shot last night in Fallujah. No American has been shot anywhere in Fallujah since the 3rd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment rotated into the city two months ago. There have been no rocket or mortar attacks since the summer. Not a single of the 3/5 Marines has even been wounded.

By the way, the war on terror is a scam, Wright tells us.

The reality, however, is that the entire war in raq and the larger “war on terror” have been

based on lies, half-truths and distortions to serve the agenda of the United States imperialism. Where is the public outcry? Where is the outrage? What’s goin’ on?


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