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Yes, But No One Shouted While Violating All These Ethics Rules

The RNC notices that while Democrats prepare to vote on the Wilson resolution, they’ve not even demanded an apology from Nancy Pelosi for accusing the CIA of lying; Charlie Rangel for his failure to report assets and pay taxes; John Murtha, Peter Visclosky, or Jim Moran for steering money to PMA clients while collecting million in donations; Edolphus Towns for his refusal to subpeona Countrywide mortgage documents while recieving loans from the company; Alan Mollohan for directing appropriations funding to affiliated nonprofits run by former aides; John Conyers for his use of congressional staff in political campaigns, or any member for accepting money from Rangel.
Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it turns into a partisan mockery when the speaker turns a blind eye to wrongs that aren’t committed by the right.


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