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Yes, That’s the Preeminent Threat to Comity and Decorum: Victoria Jackson

In this morning’s Jolt, there’s quite a bit about the Tea Parties, Obama’s reaction to them, and the latest signals from Charlie Crist. But I’m going to draw a line in the sand at one columnist’s woe-is-the-Republic lament triggered by . . . Victoria Jackson:

Walter Shapiro, writing at AOL, seems existentially troubled by the fact that Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson – you know, from the show’s true Golden Era, the Dana Carvey-Phil Hartman-Dennis Miller late-80s – sang a song about Obama being a Communist: “Emblematic of the venom in contemporary politics is that no one at the Tea Party rally seems to have be troubled by the Communist-living-in-the-White House sing-a-long.” I think I found a video of her singing the song here. Take a look. I find her helium-toned ode to Obama’s roots in radicalism adorable, and I don’t know how irate you can get about a song that includes the lyrics, “Maybe I’m in a movie called 1984, or I’m just idiotic.”

Shapiro’s wise enough to at least acknowledge that “it is undeniably true that performers are not always adept at subtle political commentary. Democratic entertainers were certainly liberal with their own ugly epithets during the Bush administration with Whoopi Goldberg going off on an X-rated tirade against the president at a 2004 John Kerry fundraiser.”

Hey, Shapiro, we’ve had members of Congress call protesters “political terrorists” and compare them to the Klan. When those in office dismiss their constituents by comparing them to some of the most violent and evil actors in American life, it’s a little late to start policing the decorum of parody tunes from SNL alumni.


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