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Yes, We Can… Fight Hypothermia While Standing on Line for the Bathroom

Current weather forecast for Inauguration Day:

Temperatures will probably start the day in the 20s, rising to around freezing (plus or minus a few degrees) for the swearing in, and then maxing out around the mid-30s mid-afternoon (plus or minus a few degrees).
The wild card is the possibility of a fast-moving disturbance rippling through the region and producing considerable cloudiness along with some light snow or flurries. As this disturbance hasn’t even formed yet, it’s too early to predict its timing and how much snow, if any, it will produce.

In addition to the cold, there’s another major issue: three million people (maybe), 5,000 port-a-potties. That calculates to about one port-a-potty for every 600 people. Even if a third of those folks go to the bathroom in the Smithsonian museums, you’re still talking about one port-a-potty for every 400 people.

Enjoy the Inauguration, folks. Glad I don’t have to be there.


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