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Yet Another Foreign Leader Denounces Romney’s Trip

Oh, no. More bad news for Mitt Romney on his foreign trip; now Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is criticizing him.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is calling a visit to Israel by U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney as “kissing the foot” of the Jewish state to boost his bid for the White House.

Ahmadinejad did not specifically name Romney, but his comments were an unmistakable jab at the Republican contender’s stop this week in Israel. Romney strongly backed Israel’s drive to stop Iran from possibly seeking nuclear weapons. Tehran denies the claims.

Ahmadinejad questioned why Romney would make “concessions to get some pennies for (his) campaign?”

Ahmadinejad made the comments during a speech Tuesday broadcast on state TV.

Compared to this statement from earlier this year, from Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei…

Two days ago, we heard the president of America say: “We are not thinking of war with Iran.” This is good. Very good. It is a wise word. This is an exit from illusion.

In addition, he also said: “We will defeat the Iranian people with sanctions.” Not an exact quote. This is an illusion. The exit from illusion in the first part is good. The remaining within illusion, in the second part, will damage them.

The American people can go into this election knowing that Iran’s rulers have a clear preference in this election.


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