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You Can Name, If Not Spell, One of the 22, I Bet.

From this morning’s Jolt:

The Story You Won’t Be Reading Here

Am I going to write about the guy claiming a one-night stand with Christine O’Donnell? Nope.

The Story You Will Be Reading Here

Guess how many official write-in candidates are in Alaska’s Senate race? At least 22.

ADDENDA: You may or may not have heard about the found footage from a 1923 Charlie Chaplin film, where some viewers claim they see a woman talking on a cellular phone in the background. One popular, if not terribly plausible theory: This is visual evidence of time travel. The somewhat more plausible theory is that this woman is using a kind of hearing aid found at the time. Of course, her manner of carrying the device — which we never get a good look at — and talking certainly does mimic today’s cell-phone users.

To paraphrase Brian Faughnan, if she’s a time traveler, she had better be calling someone to help her kill Hitler.


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