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You Can’t Fight in Here, Gentlemen! This Is a Unity Rally!

Relax, Wisconsin Democrats. I’m sure it’s completely, totally normal for the party to schedule a “unity rally” to dispel the notion of lingering bad blood after a primary for the gubernatorial recall election, and then suddenly cancels the unity rally “after serious discussion.”

It’s because they want an extra day to work on “voter contact,” really!

It is, in no way, the “[tushie]-covering propaganda” that the Daily Kos folk are saying. Nor should anyone put any stock in the assertions over there:

I don’t know why the rally was canceled, but there has been widespread, unsubstantiated speculation that the front runner in the primary, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, decided at the last minute not to attend. The rumor being spread is that Tom Barrett does not want to be seen in the company of union leaders and union members for fear of having images of his participation in the rally being used against him by the Walker campaign.

Others are speculating that the whole thing is a last-minute dirty trick perpetrated by supporters of Kathleen Falk. Barrett has a wide lead over Falk in the most recent polls. Is it really Barrett who backed out, or did somebody design a set of conditions for the rally that they knew would force Barrett to back out so they could smear him?

Obviously, Wisconsin Democrats are so completely, totally unified, that a unity rally would just be superfluous. Really.


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