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You Know Who’s Earned a Two-Week Vacation, Right?

These are the covers of the two free publications offered on street corners around Washington this morning:


Tough week? Tough month? Tough year? Time to get away, right?

President Obama and his family will again spend the end-of-the-year holidays in his native Hawaii, starting late this week.

The First Family leaves for Honolulu on Friday evening, according to the White House schedule.

The White House has not announced a return date, but the president is expected to stay in Hawaii until after New Year’s Day.

Last year’s holiday trip was interrupted by a fight with congressional Republicans over the “fiscal cliff,” but no such dispute is on the horizon this month.

From Friday to after New Year’s Day is 13 days, so let’s call it a two-week get-away Christmas vacation.

Just gotta get through the week, Mr. President!