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You’ll Get More Out of My Posts If You Actually, You Know, Read Them

Showing the usual sloppy thinking that defines the site, Patrick Appel, writing at Andrew Sullivan’s blog, contends that I recommend “running on torture.” No, I urged the Republicans to argue against closing Gitmo, pointing out that the public opposes that policy change and that every alternative location brings new problems, problems that Gitmo opponents never want to acknowledge. (Maybe Diego Garcia would work, but in the end we’re trading one far-off island prison for another.) He points to public polling that points out that 58 percent of Americans believe “torture should never be used.” Where captured al-Qaeda are kept and what interrogation techniques are used are two different issues. There is also a CNN poll that shows public opinion more closely divided, but I would note that another Gallup poll found that only 32 percent of Americans consider closing Guantanamo Bay “very important.”
But this again just illustrates what this debate has become — the close-Gitmo crowd doesn’t want to bother thinking about the thorny issues of what do you do with the captured terrorists once you’ve closed that detention center; they just want to feel good about themselves. I know, I know, it’s Andrew Sullivan’s blog, I shouldn’t expect anything better.


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