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Young Biden Vulnerable in Delaware in 2010?

Campaign Spot reader John brought this eye-opening news to my attention:

According to a poll released Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Mike Castle has more support today than Attorney General Beau Biden, should the two run in 2010 for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Beau’s father, Joe, just before he was sworn in as vice president.The survey, conducted by North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling, of 782 Delawareans found 44 percent support Castle while 36 percent favor the younger Biden.

It’s early, obviously, but you have to figure Beau Biden’s name recognition in the state is pretty darn high . . .

UPDATE: Over at Third Base Politics, they say this poll result says a lot more about Mike Castle than it does about the relative strength of Democrats, Republicans, or Beau Biden.

True enough. But I, and many others, figured this Senate seat could virtually be put in Joe Biden’s will as a family heirloom. If the Democrats had to spend money to keep a seat in Delaware, it would be an unexpected bit of good news. Of course, all of this depends on Castle deciding he wants to give up a safe House seat for a possible Senate seat…


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