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Youth, Once Again Wasted on the Young

A thought after talking to an Obama-backing young person or two… the youngest voters disproportionately support Barack Obama not in spite of his inexperience but because of his inexperience. Many of them see no benefit or value in years of experience, because they don’t yet have any.
UPDATE: Kathryn reminds us:

In what might be an odd opening act if Team Obama weren’t confident in their candidate’s ability to electrify a room (that he does), Robert De Niro went through a litany of reasons “inexperience” is good: “Barack Obama isn’t experienced enough to be president.” As he ran down a litany that included the Illinois senator’s opposition to the war in Iraq, DeNiro said: “The kind of inexperience I can get used to. That’s the kind of inexperience our country deserves. If our next president were based on the quantity of experience, Dick Cheney would be president.”

I suspect that just about every candidate Robert De Niro has ever played would disagree with singing the praises of inexperience.


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