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2 Found Guilty in Stubenville Rape Trial; More Charges Possible

The Ohio Attorney General said he will convene a grand jury next month to continue investigating the Steubenville rape case, even as two teens were convicted earlier today.

Attorney General Mike DeWine said the grand jury would meet April 15 where prosecutors from his office will present evidence to determine if other crimes were committed Aug. 11 and 12 at a series of parties the night of the assault.

Testimony in the rape trial of two Steubenville High School athletes has indicated that a number of teens were drinking at the homes of several students. Photos of the nude 16-year old were also taken and distributed among party goers and others. Also, several party-goers saw what was happening and did little or nothing to stop or report the assault. A rarely used Ohio law makes it a crime not to report a felony, such as a rape. . .


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