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Anna Chapman Update

Sultry spy Anna Chapman, shipped back to Russia as part of a massive spy swap last summer, has turned her notoriety into a lucrative and varied career in her native land. In her newest venture, the flame-haired 28-year old, who has already appeared in various men’s magazines and accepted a high position in the country’s ruling political party, will host a regular weekly show on Russian television.

“Secrets of the World With Anna Chapman” will debut on REN-TV, a private channel, on Friday, Jan. 21, and air weekly, according to a spokeswoman for the channel. Wearing a little black dress, Chapman is prominently featured in a promotional shot on the station’s web site, which also says “I reveal all mysteries, if you have the courage.” According to the web site, the show will be the Friday installment of a series called “Reality,” will explore hoaxes, mysteries, and “puzzling phenomena,” and be hosted by “the most mysterious woman of our time.”. . .


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