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Atlas Has Already Shrugged

What we have in America today is a capital strike, straight out of the pages of Atlas Shrugged. And what we have, in Della Femina’s editorial, is John Galt’s 60-page speech condensed into a few paragraphs.

But what don’t have and what we need, is to make the capital strike official. We — those of us who care about this country’s future and who honor its past — need other “Atlases” to join Della Femina in withdrawing their wealth, their talent, and their genius, from the economy until the government comes to its senses, removes the shackles from the innovators and job-creators on the one hand, and stops punishing them for their well-earned success on the other.

Until the government reforms the tax code; drastically reduces government’s size and its role (read, intrusion) into the private sector; slashes regulations to allow free markets to function and generally cease and desist from treating – and using – five percent of the American people as the personal ATM of the other 95 percent, that five percent should publicly pledge not to invest a single penny in the people who vote to seize their wealth from them.


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