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Bill Maher Gets His Hat Handed To Him By George Will

. . .TAPPER: That, that you’re surprised that President Obama isn’t getting more shall we say guff…

MAHER: Guff. Exactly.

TAPPER: …for this crisis.

MAHER: Yes, I think he should. You know, he, he owns this issue now, because it was only a few weeks ago that he came out for offshore drilling. And, I would say philosophically this is, you know, the problem I think a lot of people on the Left have with the country and have for many years is that there’s no one that really represents our point of view. There’s two parties who want to fight the war on terror with an army in Afghanistan. There’s two parties who want to drill offshore. Where is the other side on this? So, you know, I could certainly criticize oil companies, and I could criticize America in general for not attacking this problem in the ’70s. I mean, Brazil got off oil in the last 30 years, we certainly could have. But it is very disappointing, I think, for this President to be taking a position, as he has, and I guess he’s backpedalling now on it, I hope. I mean, I hope there’s a flip-flop I can believe in there. […]

GEORGE WILL: I’d like to go back to Bill, can you just explain to me in what sense Brazil got off oil?

MAHER: (Looking like a deer in headlights): I believe they did. I believe they in the ’70s, they had a program to use sugar cane ethanol. And I believe that is what fuels their country.

WILL: I think they still burn a lot of it and have a lot of it offshore.


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