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Blackwater Critic Rep. Grayson Rescued From African Coup By. . .Blackwater

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), who found himself caught in a coup in [Africa] last week, was flown out of the country on an aircraft that may have been operated by a Blackwater subsidiary, Mother Jones reported today. But in a statement to TPMmuckraker, Grayson’s spokesman says the congressman — who has been a fiery critic of the privatization of American foreign policy — still believes the use of profit-driven contractors can be deeply problematic. “The Congressman does not deny that there is admirable work being done by some employees of private contractors,” said Todd Jurkowski. “However, he stands by his criticism of companies who have been found to cheat the American people, defraud our government, and unnecessarily risk the lives of members of our military, all in the name of making a profit.”


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