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Chicagoland: Jesse Jackson Jr. Sorry he Dabbled in Infidelity

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) on Tuesday said he was “deeply sorry” about a relationship with a Washington, D.C., social acquaintance, but he called it “preposterous” to contend he asked a fund-raiser to approach former Gov. Rod Blagojevich with a $6 million Senate seat offer.

Jackson was responding to a report in Tuesday’s Chicago Sun-Times that revealed fund-raiser Raghuveer Nayak told federal authorities Jackson had directed him to approach Blagojevich with a campaign cash offer in exchange for President Obama’s former Senate seat.

The Sun-Times also reported Jackson had allegedly asked Nayak to pay to fly a social acquaintance from Washington to Chicago.

Jackson dismissed Nayak’s allegations as false and nothing new and asked that his family’s privacy be respected with regard to the social acquaintance, Giovana Huidobro.

“I’ve already talked with the authorities about these claims, told them they were false, and no charges have been brought against me,” Jackson said in a statement, referring to Nayak’s allegations. “The very idea of raising millions of dollars for a campaign other than my own is preposterous. My interest in the Senate seat was based on years of public service, which I am proud of, not some improper scheme with anyone.”


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