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eHarmony founder now thinks Americans don’t need marriage. (Correction and Update)

(CBS) – Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder and chairman of eHarmony – he’s the guy on those commercials trying to convince lonely singles to sign up to meet their match online – just said, “On second thought, don’t get married.”


That’s the title of his latest piece on Huffington Post where he is a contributor.

Yesterday, the clinical psychologist and author told readers that recent stats released by the U.S. Census Bureau suggest that “Americans may no longer need marriage.”

“For the first time ever, fewer than half of the households in the United States are married couples. In the past decade, the number of unmarried couples increased 25 percent as more people chose to cohabitate,” he explained. “A Pew Research Center study last year put it more succinctly, finding an increasing number of Americans now believes marriage is ‘becoming obsolete.’”. . .


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