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Fact Checking Frank Rich’s Tea-Party Tirade

. . .I’m quite sure that Rich didn’t actually scout around Facebook for these “shrines” that “like-minded Americans” created because if he had, his column might have included more than one link to the aforementioned “shrines.” However, his only apparent support for the assertion is this Associated Press article that cites one fan page. John Hinderaker found the one Facebook page allegedly created by “Americans” and discovered that it has 343 members. Yep, those “like-minded Americans” amount to a singular person who has managed to amass 343 whole followers to their single page. For the record, my blog gets about 500 unique hits a day, which means that I have more devotees on a daily basis than this single fan page has in total. No, I haven’t created a shrine to Stack on my blog either, thankyouverymuch.


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