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Fun Fact: President Morsi Used to Work at NASA

Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s new president, spent his election campaign being derided as “the spare tyre” – a reference to his being the backup choice to the Muslim Brotherhood strongman Khairat Al Shater. As he trailed in the polls until a week before elections began, many said he had no charisma and would have a hard time making it to the second round of elections. But Mr Morsi had the last laugh.

As it turns out, charisma was not what was needed for the race. The Brotherhood’s get-out-the-vote ability – their presence on the street and core of committed campaigners – was enough, and if anything Mr Morsi is the quintessential organisational man. . .


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A Revolt in Cuba

A Revolt in Cuba

Last month, thousands of Cubans poured into the streets, daring to protest the government that has ruled them for 60-plus years.