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Jorge Mario Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) Renews His Argentine Passport

Pope Francis is known as ’Latin America’s Pope’ and often speaks of his pride as an Argentine. On Monday he proved this point by renewing his passport and Argentinian ID card as Jorge Bergolio, Pope Francis’ birth name. The Vatican Minister of the Interior and Transport, Florencio Randazzo, revealed that “Pope Francis put through his new Argentinean ID card and passport last Friday, and he will receive both in the next few days at the Vatican.”

Randazzo continued saying, “His Holiness got in touch with Juan Pablo Cafiero, our ambassador at the Vatican and informed him that he wanted to keep traveling the world on his Argentine passport, for which he began the process of renewing his passport through the electronic services we have in Rome. Francis asked expressly to not be party to any privilege for which reason both his new ID card and his passport have followed the normal administrative route.”



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