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Meet the New ‘Iron Lady’

Hold on to your hats: this one’s going to be windy. Even twenty years after losing power, nobody provokes controversy quite like Margaret Thatcher. When forthcoming biopic The Iron Lady was announced last year, there was tumult from both sides of the press, with conservative Cassandras anticipating a socialist character assassination of the Single Greatest Woman Who Ever Lived, and persons of the left eagerly awaiting scenes where Maggie kills time by quaffing the blood of miners’ babies. Conspiracy theories abounded over the production being leftie vengeance for David Cameron’s culling of the UK Film Council – it’s the last film to have received funding from the now-dead institution. Mark and Carol Thatcher were said to be “appalled” at the very idea of a movie about their mama. Green ink was spilled across half of Shropshire when it emerged that Meryl Streep – a well-known American – was to play the lead. Teenagers, meanwhile, were simply surprised at the new direction the Iron Man franchise was taking. . .


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