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Is Mila Kunis Thinking About Ditching Her Date With The Marine?

So what’s going on with Mila and the Marine?

According to multiple reports, Mila Kunis’ hectic work schedule may stop her from accompanying Sgt. Scott Moore to the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina on November 18. was the Cupid who helped set up the Marine/Mila date when we asked Kunis this past weekend if she would attend the event with Sgt. Moore. Kunis, who was promoting her film “Friends With Benefits,” famously said “yes,” and her co-star Justin Timberlake backed her up, telling Sgt. Moore to our camera, “I’m going to make this happen for you, man. This needs to go down.”

Kunis was unaware of Moore’s video invitation when we told her about it, and said “yes” without the opportunity to check her shooting schedule. And again, in her defense, she didn’t even know the date of the Corps Ball. . .


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