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#MittWasRight: Russian Hackers Attempting U.S. Bank Theft

Security professionals have recently learned that a cartel of Russian hackers is planning to launch a separate attack aimed at stealing money from about 30 U.S. financial institutions, an apparent attempt to piggyback and capitalize on the ongoing cyber attacks on U.S. banks.

The emergence of Russian hackers suggests a potential shift in the motivation of the cyber attacks from ideological to financial and also points to a longer duration of the ongoing attacks.

“It’s like an axis of evil. There’s nothing like having folks who are conveniently on the same side of the fight,” said Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions at security firm Radware (RDWR).

Security experts have picked up on chatter in the cyber underworld indicating Russian cyber hackers have set their sights on about 30 U.S. financial institutions. . .


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