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New Orleans Preps for Isaac

While soon-to-be Hurricane Isaac isn’t looking like another Katrina, the storm is expected to pick up steam as it heads toward a landfall, conjuring up powerful memories of the disaster seven years ago.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu declared a state of emergency for New Orleans on Sunday, warning residents to “think about how you will spend time without power or water.”

City officials asked residents to be prepared to shelter in place with food and water, check on elderly neighbors and secure loose objects and trash cans.

Gov. Bobby Jindal issued a statement on Sunday “encouraging everyone to get prepared now to ensure that you have an evacuation plan in place.”

“In addition to issuing a State of Emergency for the storm, we are in touch with parish leaders and we are recommending voluntary evacuations within the hurricane watch area,” Jindal said. “Specifically, this is for people in low lying areas, areas outside of levee protection, and areas south of the Intracoastal Waterway.”. . .

Satellite view from Weather Underground:

And the track from the National Hurricane Center: