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Ooops. Patient Obama Singled Out In Ohio Is Being Treated For Free

In January, the president said, the woman gave up her health insurance because the premiums had grown too large. And she was filled with worry over the financial burden on her family, especially losing her house. We have the full presidential passage below about Natoma, whom Obama credited as the reason for his trip to the politically vital state of Ohio, not notoriously high unemployment. “I’m here because of Natoma,” Obama said. This morning, interim good news. Judson Berger and Marla Chichowski of Fox News checked into the story of Natoma, who is undergoing treatment at the famous Cleveland Clinic. A spokeswoman there said the woman was virtually certain to qualify for aid and, anyway, the clinic has no intention of placing any liens on her home for the expensive care she is now receiving free.


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