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Panic in Delaware: Coons Now Wants to Extend All Bush Tax Cuts

Chris Coons changed his previous position on the Bush era tax cuts this morning telling me that he would support extending all of the tax cuts for everyone for “several years.”

“I am committed to extending the Bush tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans for everybody making up to $250,000, but I would extend them for everyone,” the Democratic candidate for Delaware’s Senate seat told me on “GMA.”

“I’d be willing to extend them for several years for all Americans, of whatever income if that also allows us to reach a bipartisan compromise that makes real progress in offering tax relief to small and medium businesses, to the home office exception, to research and development,” he said.

That contradicts President Obama’s position and Coons’ own campaign website, which states “High-Income Bush Tax Cuts Should Expire on Schedule.”

The vote on whether to extend the Bush era tax cuts will come up after the November election in the lame duck session. And if Coons wins he will be a sitting Senator during those sessions.

With Coons shift he now joins a growing list of Democrats who support extending all of the tax cuts.


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