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Panic. Polling 2012: Obama Leads Gov. Brewer by 5%

. . .Given a 2012 election contest for president between Obama as the Democratic candidate and Brewer as the Republican, 44% of all voters support the incumbent, while 39% prefer the governor. Nine percent (9%) like some other candidate, while eight percent (8%) more are undecided.

But since 54% of voters don’t know enough about Brewer to venture any kind of opinion of her, this finding is more of a reflection on the president than any possible match-up with Brewer.

Twenty-six percent (26%) of voters have a favorable opinion of Brewer, while 20% view her unfavorably. These figures includes 12% with a Very Favorable opinion and nine percent (9%) with a Very Unfavorable opinion. The question about Brewer did not indicate that she was Governor of Arizona and was asked before the question about a possible match-up with President Obama.


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