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Repeal Isn’t Enough

When President Obama signs his signature health care bill into law a few hours from now, he will be trading a dysfunctional and excessively costly health insurance system that is crippling the economy for an even more dysfunctional and even more costly system that goes further to encourage rent-seeking by the drug and insurance industries that wrote and backed it. Why in the world would Republicans promise to return from a horrible system to one that is only really, really bad? The correct answer is not just repeal, but real reform. Yes, any serious reforms will gut the bill that Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi just rammed through the House of Representatives, but not every line of the 2,000-plus page bill is bad. Some of Obama’s changes, like the exchanges and the weakening of the employer-based system, could be good if they are taken out of the context of the larger bill


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