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Senator Cartman! Just How Many Times Did Sen. Levin Curse Yesterday?

Watching the Goldman Sachs [GS 153.04 — UNCH (0) ] hearing, you had to wonder — is it taking place in the Senate or South Park? While grilling David Sparks, the former head of Goldman’s mortgage department, Sen. Carl Levin (D., Mich.), quoted, paraphrased and practically freestyle rapped Goldman e-mails that involved the words “sh**ty deal.”

“Boy, that Timberwolf was one sh**tty deal,” Levin said, reciting an email about a deal involving subprime mortgages.

“How much of that sh**ty deal did you sell to your clients?” he asked Sparks.

“You knew it was a sh**y deal!” Levin exclaimed, hammering away at Sparks — and that “sh**y deal” phrase.

Levin fired off “sh**y deal” a whopping TEN — I’m sorry, ELEVEN — TIMES, sounding more like South Park’s resident ranter Eric Cartman than a U.S. senator.