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Syria: Kofi Annan Says it’s ‘Too Late’ for a Military Intervention

Former UN envoy Kofi Annan criticises the people “far away from Syria” calling for increased military support in the country – as Britain and France pushes to supply rebels with more weapons.

Mr Annan was the UN’s Arab League envoy before resigning in August, blaming “finger pointing” at the United Nations Security Council for stifling his efforts at mediation.

Speaking at the Graduate Institute in Geneva on Tuesday night, Mr Annan said: “I don’t see a military intervention in Syria. We left it too late. I’m not sure it would not do more harm.

“Further militarisation of the conflict, I’m not sure that is the way to help the Syrian people. They are waiting for the killing to stop. You find some people far away from Syria are the ones very keen for putting in weapons. . .


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