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Update on MTV’s Skins

A watchdog group is pressuring companies who advertise during the racy MTV show “Skins,” using an effective tool to call them out: Mom and Dad.

The Parent Television Council (PTC) is encouraging its members, many of them parents and grandparents, to walk over to their local Subway to tell the manager how they feel about the provocative high school drama. 

“For maximum impact, print off this e-mail and take it to the manager of your local Subway!” read a recent PTC alert blasted off to many of its 1.3 million members. 

The parental offensive has produced quick results: late last week, Taco Bell pulled its advertising after members were encouraged to confront the managers in their towns. H&R Block, Wrigley, and General Motors have also pulled out. 

For the remaining companies and brands—Subway, Schick, L’Oreal, and Foot Locker—the pressure remains to ditch the show, which depicts teen sex and drug use sometimes portrayed by underaged actors.


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